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Black Codes

When the white southerner reestablished civil authority in the former Confederate states in 1865-1866. They created a series of restrictive laws called “Black Codes”, which were designed to restrict freed black’s activity and ensured that their availability as a labor force since that slavery had been abolished. This was also, a guarantee that blacks would serve as their laborers. There were four laws that made up the codes, such as: 1.) The Apprentice Law: apprentice black children even against their will to an employer until the age of 21 for males and 18 for females., 2.) The Vagrancy Law: pressure on ex-slaves to sign labor contracts., 3.) The Civil Rights of Freedmen: restricted in the black code and unequal to the civil rights of whites., and 4.) The Penal Code: different punishments between freedmen and whites. Punishments included convict leasing. Their aim for creating the “Black Codes” was to control the labor supply, to protect the freedman from own vices and to ensure the superior position of whites in southern life.

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