Philosophy and Religious Studies Program

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Each Student is to write an 8-10 page paper (double-spaced, 12 point font, 1” margins) on a concrete health care situation, applying the “four-box method” and Christian principles to the case. The chosen ethical situation is to be named in a one-sentence proposal in an email by September 27. The paper will consist of four parts: 1) statement of the issue in its concrete dimensions – medical indications, patient preferences, quality of life, and contextual features; 2) analysis of the issue in light of the AMA and Christian Principles; 3) medical-ethical appraisal of case, and, 4) an ethical judgment concerning treatment supported by argument. The paper will be due November 29. A superior paper will demonstrate incisive analysis of the case in regard to principles, the “Four-box” Method, and strong arguments for the student’s proffered judgment.

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N.B. In this course we will utilize, an automated system which instructors can use to quickly and easily compare each student’s assignment with billions of web sites, as well as an enormous database of student papers that grows with each submission. Accordingly, you will be expected to submit all assignments in and electronic format. After the assignment is processed, as an instructor I receive a report from that states if and how another author’s work was used in the assignment. For a more detailed look at this process, visit

For students to enroll in this class, they will need both the enrollment password you have chosen and the unique class ID generated by Turnitin. (If you will be submitting papers for your students, enter the class, enter the assignment, and click the submit paper button.)

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