Analyzing a current health services organization

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Written Assignment 1- Assessment of the current situation at a
health services organization –

Task – You will be picking and analyzing a current health services
organization in terms of its current situation and focus on its
customers.  Remember to follow all the general requirements for written
assignments published in the syllabus as well as the details below.  Refer
to the grading rubric in the syllabus before submitting your paper to ensure
you have given yourself the best opportunity for maximum credit.  

Approach your written assignment as follows:

1.  Pick a health services organization that you may
work for or with which you are familiar.  It can be a local or national

2.  Research the organization by visiting its
website and, if possible, its location. 

3.  Research the industry in which your organization
operates, e.g. nursing homes, private physician practice.

4.  Using your findings, conduct a SWOT analysis of
your organization. Use the SWOT Analysis Worksheet provided under Course

5.  Conduct a competitive analysis of your
organization.  Use the Competitive Analysis Worksheet provided under
Course Content.  

Prepare your written assignment by addressing each of the
following questions in order: 

1.  What is the mission of the health care

2.  What are their corporate level goals?

3.  Who are their customers?

4.  From your SWOT analysis, what do you conclude
are the organization’s main strengths and weaknesses?

5.  From your SWOT analysis, what do you conclude
are the organization’s main opportunities and threats?

6.  Who are the primary competitors to the organization? 

7.  Do you think the organization has a
customer-focused orientation to its practices and procedures?  Why or why

NOTE:  You will not find
definitive information on your organization relating to these questions, some
of the information is propriety or not available through public means. 
Use and cite data whenever you find it, or use your best judgment as to what
you think is occurring at the organization.  Be sure to offer your
rationale for your conclusions.

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