Select a scenario in which problem solving strategies are utilized to achieve a

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You are planning a BBQ this weekend for Easter and you want to invite everyone from work but some do not get along with others because of a recent broken relationship that has divided some of your co workers. however, you have made friends with all of them and you can not risk inviting one and without the other finding out about the BBQ because we all work in the same building. The food has been bought and everyone is talking about it. What to do? 

 Rhonda (1 solution / 2 slides) speaker notes

  • Select one major decision that must be made to solve the problem. For the decision address the following:
    • Describe the decision.
    • Discuss the process that must be taken to make the decision.
    • Explain the role that inductive and deductive reasoning play in the decision-making process.
    • Analyze how emotion and culture affected the process

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