How to create a Prezi – Turn your Prezi into a masterpiece, Innovative Organization

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1. Stage Two (20%)

The second stage of assignment 2 is the analysis in the form of a PowerPoint or Prezi Presentation.In this presentation, students will determine the marketing strategy and human resource approach of the small business.

Note:Consider making a visit to the location and/or interview the business owner.

Step 1:  Create a PowerPoint or Prezi presentation.The final product will be between 15-20 slides in length that includes a title slide and a slide for references.If you are unfamiliar with creating a PowerPoint presentation or a Prezi presentation, review these resources:

  • PowerPoint 2013 Training – Creating a Presentation – Part 1 – PowerPoint

  • How to create a Prezi – Turn your Prezi into a masterpiece! Video 1

Step 2: Review the grading rubric for the assignment;

Step 3:  The presentation will include the following elements:

  • Determine the marketing strategy of the small business;
  • Discuss the human resource approach of the small business;
  • Research the industry information and discuss how the small business compares with the industry in which it operates;

Step 4:Use the note section of PowerPoint to provide detailed information of each slide;

2.  Innovative Organization

Tell us about your favorite, well-known, innovative organization.  What stands out about this business?  How did “thinking outside the box” work in its favor?  What challenges were faced when building up the organization and how were/are these challenges overcome?  Included citation support in addition to your personal insight.

3.  Succession Planning

The authors of your textbook states, “Succession planning is a process whereby an organization ensures that employees are recruited and developed to fill each key role within the company”(Small Business for the 21st Century, 2014, Chapter 16, p. 4).

Design a succession planning program for an imaginary organization.  List specific examples of guidelines you would use and explain why you’ve chosen these, including ideal outcomes.  Use your text and any other resources to complete this task.

4. Disaster Planning

For this week, please do some research about the area where you live. 

  • What kinds of disasters have occurred or have the potential to occur there?
  • Describe the process of disaster planning in general.
  • What are some sources of disaster assistance in your area?
  • What impact could a disaster have on local businesses where you reside and how would you plan for this?

5.U.S. Small Businesses in a Global Environment

Choose three businesses you have patronized for at least several years for this discussion.  Describe how each organization has adapted to changing customer needs in regard to their processes and technologies.  In your discussion be sure to include:

Choose a small, local business for this discussion, one that has not gone global. 

  • Consider and discuss advantages of this business going global
  • Consider and discuss disadvantages of this business going global
  • After weighing out the pros and cons decide whether this business should go global or not
  • If so, list important first steps
  • If not, what changes would be needed for going global to be a viable option for this business (if any)?

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