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Section #5: Codes of Cultural Behavior (Do’s and Don’ts)

Choice of Country

1. Choose a destination (one country) anywhere in the world. To begin this section, explain why you chose this particular country. Again, why did you choose the country you chose? (Some students have left this out in the past.)

Brief Cultural Overview

2. Provide a brief cultural overview of the country to include historical background, language, religious beliefs, and other information you believe is pertinent. Provide references cited in parentheses by title only, immediately after the information presented. For example: (CountryWatch)

Codes of Cultural Behavior

3. Conduct additional research on the codes of cultural behavior in the country. Provide information on cultural “Dos” and “Don’ts” for tourists. Analyze at least five “Dos” andat least five “Don’ts” which document the codes of cultural behavior in the country that will assist tourists in avoiding conflict with the cultural values of the hosts. Again, discuss (not just list) the “Dos” and “Don’ts” as a major component of this assignment. After each of the “Dos” and “Don’ts” make certain that you provide the reference cited. The references may appear by title only, in parentheses, after each listing. For example: (CountryWatch)

Unusual Aspects of Culture

4. Explain which of the “Dos” and which of the “Don’ts” seem most unusual to you and might contribute to your unease in the country you chose.

You must have a minimum of two online resourcesand twolibrary reference works for a minimum total of fourresources. Do not cut and paste material from the online resources. You must report the information in your own words. The Turnitin system detects direct plagiarism. Again, a total of at least four sources must be used. List these under the heading “References” at the end of this section as well as in the narrative of your answers as indicated above. It is not necessary, in this class, to provide the full citation (since it will be easier for you this way and I’m already familiar with the reference works). So, again, simply list your references by title of the work or http link. It is not necessary to use APA or MLA or other methods of attribution. Just the title of the work will suffice for the purposes of this class.Note: Use only credible online sources. Do not use Wikipedia. The more reference material you refer to, the higher quality your response will be, and will result in higher points.(Continued on next page)

I encourage you to go to the University library to complete this assignment where you will find all of the traditional reference works. The librarians are happy to assist you with this. Also, if you have any trouble with the online resources the librarians can provide help with that too.

Length: Five to seven pages

Recommended Date of Completion: The week it is assigned

Points: 20

Additional information on this project may be found in the Week this Section is assigned.

Section #6: VolunTourism

Go to

Review the home page to understand the resources available on this web site and to get a feeling for what VolunTourism is.On the menu (left screen) under “Who Are You?” click on “Traveler.” Read this page on VolunTourism for Travelers.

The Difficult Questions

1. Click on “Getting Started” and read. Complete the following exercise in this section: The Difficult Questions.Start by answering “Where do I want to go?” Then complete Questions #1-10. Add to your Portfolio.

Insights about Trip Preparation

2. Under “Quick Links” click on “Trip Preparation” and read. (Note that we skipped the section on “Trip Selection.”) After carefully reading the material, discussthree important insights you gained about trip preparation. Add to your Portfolio.

Processing Experiences

3. Under “Quick Links” click on “Processing Experiences” and read. What is your response to this section? In other words, what do you think of the advice given aboutProcessing Experiences? Analyze at least three insights you gained.Add to your Portfolio.


4. Under “Quick Links” click on Post-Trip and read. What is your response to this section? In other words, what do you think of the advice given about Post-Trip? Present at least three insights you gained.Add to your Portfolio.

Summary of Articles

5. Read the five articles that are posted for this assignmentand summarize each of the articles (two to three paragraphs for each). Add to your portfolio.

VolunTourism for You?

6. Finally, is VolunTourism something you would consider in future travel plans? Discuss why or why not.Add to your Portfolio.

Length: Five to seven pages

Recommended Date of Completion: The week it is assigned

Points: 20

Additional information on this project may be found in the Week this Section is assigned.

Section #7: Project Implicit

Go to

This online project is associated with fascinating research about attitudes toward various aspects of nondominant cultures. It is well known that people don’t always “speak their minds” and it is suspected that people don’t always “know their minds.” Understanding such divergences is important to scientific psychology and for our purposes concerning cross-cultural perspectives. The Project Implicit web site presents a method that demonstrates the conscious-unconscious divergences much more convincingly than has been possible with previous methods. Research using this new method has been conducted at the University of Washington, University of Virginia, Harvard, and Yale.

On the Project Implicit web site you will find a Demonstration Site and a Research Site. Choose the Demonstration Site. There you will find preliminary information and an “important disclaimer.” Read over this material carefully before you proceed, knowing there is a possibility of encountering interpretations of your test performances with which you may not agree. If you opt not to proceed please talk with me about an alternative assignment during my office hours. (Over the past sevenyears, not a single student has opted out!)

As you continue you can choose from about 15 possible tests that interpret your responses to various aspects of nondominant perspectives, cultures, views and traditions (such as Asian-European American, African-European American, Arab Muslim-Other People, and Native-White American). Choose any five of the tests (of the 15 or so, the categories vary over time) and complete them. In other words, you can choose the tests according to your personal reasons.

Copy the results of your tests to be included in the Portfolio at the end of this section. With reference to the results from the tests, analyze your findings. Again, you must provide a copy (screen shots) of your results.The copies of test results should follow your discussion of these questions:

Interpretation of Results

1. Explain to what extent you agree or disagree with the interpretations provided.

Relevance to Cultural Diversity

2. What does this entire assignment have to do with a general education course with the “cultural diversity” distinction?

Relevance to Cross-Cultural Perspectives of Tourism

3. What does this assignment have to do with cross-cultural perspectives of tourism?

Length: Two to three pages (copies of results don’t count toward page limit)

Recommended Date of Completion: The week it is assigned

Points: 10

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