Memoir Essay.

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Memoir Essay

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200 points

Length – 3 pages

As you reflect on the events of this year, particularly the history-making Covid 19 pandemic, I want you to pretend that you are in your old age, and you’re writing a memoir, looking back at this time in your life. Tell your readers what the experience was like for you, how it changed and shaped your life going forward.

This is a fairly open assignment, and so I won’t give you details about what to include, but I do want you to remember:

1. Keep your topic focused — this isn’t a list of things you went through. Choose one event, moment, or idea that you can reflect upon and focus on that.

2. Remember to develop a theme in your piece. The theme will be related to your thesis or your main idea. For example, your theme could be that there was a positive side to this experience. Your theme could be your family’s relationship, or how a friendship developed or ended because of the events of the pandemic.

3. We will be discussing our experiences in the discussion posts for the next few weeks, so use those assignments as a way to guide and refine your thesis for this paper.

4. You still need to abide by all of the formatting rules.

5. Keep the writing tight.

6. It’s a memoir, which means you may use the personal pronouns I and we — however, you should still avoid using the second person “you” in your work.

7. Revise, edit, and finally, proofread your document before you submit.

8. Use a proper title and MLA format.

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