MT400 Unit 6 Assignment

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Unit 6 Assignment: Innovation, RASCI Models and Performance Management (Apple is the focused company)

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In this Assignment, you are going to evaluate a specific business process based on
criteria detailed below. If you have already selected a business process, continue
using that and skip to the next paragraph. If you have not yet selected the
business process you will use for these Assignments, then begin by selecting
one. Email your instructor and clearly describe the objective of this process, the
participants, and the strategic significance for the company. The business process (My Business process is based on the company Apple, so please use Apple as your foundation when doing this assignment), you select must have a clear beginning and an end, with identifiable, specific steps.
Your instructor will confirm that the process you selected is suitable or will ask you
to select another one.
For this Assignment, write a paper that answers the following questions (use the
subheadings/numbered questions below to organize your paper):

Part 1: Innovation Activities 

There are many different activities for creating solutions identified in the
Understand phase. The effectiveness of these activities depends on many factors,
including the organizational makeup and the circumstances of the process.
Describe an innovation activity to generate improvement ideas that you think will
work best for your selected organization. Include the following details:

1. Describe the activity; how is it tied to the activities in your selected process? 

2. Describe the objectives of the activity; how will it improve the deficiencies in
your selected process? 

3. Who should be participating, and why?

Part 2: RASCI Model 

In any process, it is important to have a clear definition of who is responsible for
the activity and to whom they are accountable, in addition to identifying those that
may be in support positions. Following the RASCI model described on p. 362,
create a table similar to 18.2 that defines these roles for your selected process.
Begin by describing at least 4 steps in your selected process. Be specific about
who does what in each step. Then fill out the table to denote the roles. In addition
to including the table, describe each role briefly.

Part 3: Performance Management

As you explored in the Discussion Board, the performance measures play a large
role in determining the actions of the employees involved in the process. Identify
three performance management metrics you will use to promote effective behavior
from those involved in your selected process. Clearly explain: 

1. How the metric will be assessed, 

2. What the expected targets would be, and 

3. How the metrics fit the process objectives.

Grading note: In the grading rubric below, you will see a section on analysis and
critical thinking. The points in this section will partly be based on your ability to
apply the concepts discussed in your Assignment to the specific circumstances
and details of the process/organization you selected. Writing in general terms
without applying the concepts and analyzing your specific project may get you
points for content section, but you will lose points in the analysis section.
Review the grading rubric below before beginning this Activity. 

Assignment grading rubric = 120 points 

Unit 6 Assignment: RASCI Model and Performance Management 

Content, Focus, Use of Text, and

  • Described an appropriate innovate
    activity to generate solutions    30pts
  • Completed a RASCI table properly       30pts
  • Developed performance measurement
    metrics        20pts

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