Health and Wellness Appraisals- at least 200 words

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You are a teacher in a 4-year-old
classroom and begin each day with your daily health and wellness check. 
You notice that a child who is dropped off looks very tired and is uncommonly
quiet as she walks into the classroom.  She was dropped off by bus so you
have no additional information.   

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Given the above scenario, the cause for the change in the child is

Examples of some of these common
situations are described further in Chapter 7.  Use your imagination to
develop it further discussing what you may see when you conduct your
observation of the child.  Be mindful to detail what you might look for
and how you will document your observations.  Based on your fictitious
observation, create a plan of action for how to proceed.  This plan should
include both immediate and long-term actions that you will take.  

Address the following points in your discussion:

    • Fictitious elaboration of what you observe in the
      child including the possible cause.  Include enough so that you can
      make a plan of action
    • Short-term plan of action detailing the procedure of
      how you will address the issue immediately or by the end of the day
    • Long-term plan of action detailing the procedure of
      how you will follow-up your short-term plan of action
    • Specific discussion regarding how you will support the
      child during this time


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