Final Policy and Procedure Submission, Module 05 Course Project help

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It is time to synthesize the elements of your Policy and Procedure
into a document for the Rasmen Pharmacy Supervisor to review. Your
document should be a 3-4 page paper, written in APA format, which draws
upon all of the content you have researched and submitted for your
Course Project assignments.

Be sure to review the Module 01 Course Project – Introduction and
incorporate the feedback you have received from your instructor. Make
sure that your ideas are focused, that appropriate transitions are
utilized, and that you are applying the correct tone for the audience
who will read the Policy and Procedure.

Make sure your paper includes the following:

  1. an Introduction describing the purpose behind designing the Policy and Procedure
  2. an explanation regarding the benefits of having an established plan for your new pharmacy
  3. a conclusion
  4. APA references

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