4-6 Pages essay about online activism

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Choose one specific incarnation of online activism, and construct an argument about it. The essay should focus on one particular movement ( the actions of hackvisit or a hacktvisit group, a specific hashtag campaign or a movement organized and implemented at least in some part, through online means). the choice is yours! you also need to come up with an argument the pertains is some way to the movement you chose.

You can argue for the movement, you can argue against the movement or you can argue something more nuanced. Remember, that an effective and ethical argument must be fully developed and supported. Your argument should include an explanation of the cause, the form the online activism takes, what the activism aims to accomplish, and whether the activisim effective/ineffective/productive/detrimental/etc. to its cause.

In addition to constructing an argument, you are also tasked with conducting research and incorporating it into your essay. You should include at least 2 sources the adhere to academic standards ( meaning unsourced blog posts and Wikipedia articles will not suffice). As such, you will need to include a works cited page. Also, electronic sources are acceptable, but keep in mind that you still want to have professional and academically rigorous resources.


– 4-6 pages

-MLA format

-Third person perspective 

2 scholarly sourcees


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