What two countries are the easiest to start a new business?, discussion help

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Data Analysis

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Conduct a search online and refer to your text to help you answer the following Discussion questions:

  • You are a researcher for ABC Inc. The company wants to expand its clothing business to the small developing island states. A determination needs to be made by reviewing the data on what island states would be the best choices.
    1. What two countries are the easiest to start a new business?
    2. What two countries are easiest to important and export in and out of?
    3. What two countries provide for the least amount of day to export shipments?
    4. What two countries cost the least in U.S. currency per container?
    5. What two countries protect investors the best?
    6. What two countries provide the easiest employment laws overall?
  • Based on your analysis of all of the data points you need to provide a written analysis providing a direction for the company. Then justify your choices of the top two island countries ABC Inc. should expand its clothing business.
  • Should a VP or Manager of Marketing, without a background in statistics, accept the research presented by researchers without confirming whether the data are really valid?

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