Two Response Posts 150 words Each.

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Student 1

ability to choose influence moral responsibility in a lot of way,
whether it’s a good decision or bad one. Having free will give people
the opportunity to be responsible for their own actions, the ability to
choose between one or more alternatives. Being raise or brought up with
society idea of what consider right and wrong for human behavior and
live by it are usually consider good human beings. But when the person
against or doesn’t agree with the morals of society are frown upon
because their actions or intensions are indifferent from ours.

facts plays a huge role in moral responsibility, because they should
reflect each other. Pairing the two together should build the
characteristics, values or a moral code, that individual should conduct
themselves. For example stealing s considering a moral that’s consider
morally wrong and frowned upon, but would it be wrong if the father was 
laid off by his  job due to pay budget cuts and his wife died of cancer
and now has to raise his 3 children alone. And spent his last on rent
not knowing he was going to be fired and went to still bread and cheese
just to feed his children so they would starve?  This questions could be
argued on both sides with valid points, but since society says stealing
bad even if it’s two to three dollar for cheese and bread, should he go
to jail if he got caught? Is two to three dollars’ worth throwing a man
in jail, who was trying to do right by his kids, even if he wasn’t
doing right by society so called “rule”? So let’s questions these morals
that the world has place for us, when a man kills and we sentence him
to death penalty, are we not as wrong for taking his life? An eye for an
eye? Is that the message the society is sending to everyone okay?, that
revenge is better than a punishment, than being behind bars for life?
Why aren’t the people who are in charge of doing the electric chairs
aren’t consider murders?  

moral facts and free will didn’t exist believe the world would be
turned upside down. No rules to follow will make people believe they can
do whatever they may want because no accountability. If there was no
free will, then the word ‘freedom” wouldn’t exist if that was taken away
from us.  There will be a disconnection with balance and obedience and
with those to two not being place, destruction is bound to happen
eventually due to no consequences. 

Student 2

Each person has free will to make decisions and choices in life. Free
will allows a person to make choices regardless of what outside
influences they may have. However, just because a person has free will
to make decisions, it does not mean that they will be free from the
consequences that may be associated with their choices. A person should
always consider the practical effects of their choice. Moral
responsibility is the duty that people have to carry out certain actions
that are deemed important to society. Free will influences moral
responsibility in several ways. Simply because a person knows they have
the right to make a choice, the option always exists for them to take
the unmoral path. The moral responsibility will likely be pushed aside
and their feelings on what is right at the time will guide them whether
it follows moral facts or not. I think with free will the chances of
remaining morally responsible may decrease.

Ethical Subjectivism suggests that moral opinions are based solely on
feelings (Rachels & Rachels, 2015). A person may agree or disagree
with an ethical issue only because of their personal feelings about the
issue. Ethical Subdivision suggests that people simply feel differently
about things, there is not a set correct action and no set incorrect
action (Rachels & Rachels, 2015). As I think about that theory it
leads me to the thought that responsibility is subjective. If moral
facts and free will do not exist, how can responsibility even come into
play? The way i view it is each person is responsible for their own
actions. A person’s conscious and own guilt will always be present
regardless of free will.  We are morally responsible for our own
thoughts and actions; therefore I think responsibility is always a

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