Thesis statement and Rough Draft of critical annotated bibliography

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Step 1: create a thesis statement for the topic (see below)

Step 2: ONLY a rough draft of critical annotated bibliography. You should gather 10-12 sources for your APA annotated bibliography. (I don’t need the whole bibliography now) I will post is in a next assignment when the rough draft is approved. 

An annotated bibliography sums up the content of a source, providing an overview of the argument, methodology, and evidence used in the work. A critical annotated bibliography summarizes and evaluates a source, noting bias, objective, and lack of evidence. In addition, a critical annotated bibliography may show how the source research may or may not be useful in a writers research and/or in a particular field of study. You should gather 12 or more sources for the critical annotated bibliography.


How technology promotes advertising

Please narrow down this topic. Here is what it needs to be:

Comment “I still think this is too broad a topic for this size paper. What is your thesis statement? Advertising is a big topic. Try to be more specific. A thesis is a statement, Are you wanting to talk about free advertising or other. A thesis statement represents the main idea of what you are going to research. It might help for you to do an outline of your ideas, so that you can narrow your research.”

The topic must be something with the impact of technology on a field of study. I choose advertising, so it just needs to be narrowed down.

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