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Now that you have determined your goals and objectives it is time to create your content outline. Once you receive your grade on your

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objectives you placed in the Assignment thread, go ahead and begin using the Health Education Teaching Plan handout. I am again placing it in

this folder even though it is still in the resources folder. The Content Outline, Objectives, and Time Allowed sections must be filled out and

placed in the assignment thread by .

You will continue to add to the teaching plan handout in the weeks ahead. Notice there is a section for your teaching strategies and resources/media.

Once again, you are teaching a 1-hour class on your selected topic and objectives.

Read Chapters 6, 8, and 12. These chapters will help you decide if your audience is ready for the content you are trying to teach them.

postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome


Name of class:

Your name:


Objective # 1:

Objective # 2:

Objective # 3:

Time allocated

Content Outline



Resources/ Materials/

Media Needed




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