supply chain management: its a management and marketing case, Pacific systems case ( 4 PAGES MAX)

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hello 🙂

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This is a graduation project, so please please please pay a very close attention to the details of the instruction provided in both the case file and the rubric, please.

I only need you to do question 3 and 4. I have done question 1&2 earlier.

this is a 4 pages work MAXIMUM.

the first 2 pages should answer Question 3, the instruction for that is provided on both ( case file and the rubric file), in the case file you’ll find the instruction under appendix 3 on pages 16 and 17. please pay close attention to the instruction on both files to get a better understanding.

the second 2 pages should answer Question 4. the first page should ONLY INCLUDE the table on page 18 of the pacific case file ( not the rubric) after you fill it out. The second page should include the rest of the instructions that is provided in THE RUBRIC FILE.

I will attach 3 files to this post

1- the case file

2- The rubric file

3- the file that include answers to Q1&Q2, just in case you need it.

again, I am sorry to annoy you with how much its important to pay a very close attention to the instruction provided, but its my graduation project and it has to be perfect.

Thank you very much 🙂

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