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Please respond to, disagree, agree with this post in 100 words or more. 

When I think of ethics, I think of self-governing rules that I hold myself to (e.g., like doing the right thing in tempting situations and knowing what is right from wrong). I believe that this course may examine human behavior, and discuss the reasons why people behave in different ways, and also explore theories of ethics and moral reasoning.

This may count as two things, but a strongly held ethical belief of mine is that a man should never purposefully hit a woman or cause harm to a child. In most cases, biology-wise a man is much stronger than a woman or a child and should never have to resort to physically abusing either. Being a protector towards a woman or child is a trait that develops with your character, and it should not have to be taught. I would like to note that women are also protectors. I can never understand how and why a man could abuse and woman or child.

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