satirical devices in speech review, English homework help

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Ladies and gentlemen, receive my warm morning
greetings  it has been four months since
we last met. In deed ages has passed since I last saw you. I must say that it
was my best moments in time in prison as I joyfully took my punishment in the
prison. The fierce prison wardens handled me carefully with much compassion. I
must say your prayers saved me much as I slept in between soldiers. The prayer
and fasting moved God to make them release me, because of my faith: and not

turn in a short reflection. You
should address these points:

What satirical devices did you use? (Exaggeration, understatement,

What argument did you appear to make?

What argument were you actually making? What do you actually want
your reader to think as they conclude listening to your speech?

Do you think Swift would agree with your position, based on what
you read in A Modest Proposal? Keep in mind what Swift says versus what
he means.

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