​Research on (amazon founder Jeff Bezos) (at least 1000 words)

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Research on (amazon founder Jeff Bezos) (at least 1000 words)

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Purpose: To explore the direct relationship between the person who founded a well-known business and the type of influence this person had on the mission, values, vision, ethics, and social responsibilities of their company.


1. Select a Business Founder / Business Leader I selected (amazon founder Jeff Bezos)

2- Research the following questions about your chosen Business Founder/Leader: )

a. Describe this person’s family background, heritage and social class, their parent’s work background and influence on this person’s early years. (250 words)

b. Describe this person’s educational background, apprenticeships, and previous work experiences prior to being successful in their known company. (250 words)

c. Describe this person’s initial vision/ mission of the company s/ he founded, and is it the same mission today? (125 words )

d. In what ways did their personal ethics, or religious beliefs, or philosophy, impact the company’s organizational culture (how business is done)? (125 words)

e. Lastly, please summarize what you most admire about this person? AND what the most important lesson this person taught you by doing this project? (250 words)

The final paper should be 1000 words, double-spaced, INCLUDING a cover page (which states the name of the business founder / business leader you researched) AND a Reference Page (you must use at least 3 different sources).


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