professional appeal letter for readmission in master of nursing school after dismissal

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To appeal your dismissal, you will want to write a professional letter of appeal detailing your mitigating circumstances that occurred during all failed class attempts and provide supporting documentation. This appeal must talk about (1) why it is important for you to return to class, (2) detail any hardships you had when you did receive the non-passing grades which could have contributed to you being unsuccessful in class, and also, (3) what would be different if you were able to return to ensure you are successful.

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As you are going through writing this appeal letter, keep in mind any documentation you could submit to support your claims. There is no length requirement to this appeal, as long as you include information about the three sections mentioned above and provide supporting documentation. You can send your letter and documentation directly to me, and I will forward it on for review.

Thank you,

i needs APA format letter size 12 professional appeal letter . The reason for dismissal first i was dismissed because of academic integrity issues in first class of master of nursing program i was suspended for 6 month period. and course failure

I was taking two classes same time after this dismissal was very disappointed to me i got depressed because it missed up my future plan evens was my fault ..,i decided to not participate in second class also this put me second class failure too. ,i aslo deal with other family problems also but main was these two reason , i started taking depression medicine . . but tat this point now i feeling better , wants complete my master of nursing[program with south university

please write strong profession letter address the issues i wrote in APA Format leter size 12..

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