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For the rest of the semester, we will immerse ourselves in different cultures, starting with Indian Culture this week.  As I mentioned in class yesterday, this weekend, sample via Netflixor U-tube a Bollywood Movie (preferably “Million Dollar Arm” English-Vinglish or Jodha-Akbar),

some Indian music genres and instruments (e.g., bhangra, the sitar, tabla), some beverages which you could purchase or prepare (e.g., chai or mango lassi), snacks (samosa, naan/oven breads), or food (biryani, pilaf, matar-paneer/cheese-spinach, dal, makhani/lentils, etc.) and learn some handy expressions in Hindi.  Then write a summary and analysis (2-4 paragraphs) of your experience to turn in next Fri. (I’m extending the due date for this, to give you ample time).

see the movie and do the summary for it ( Then write a summary and analysis (2-4 paragraphs) . 


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