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Provide a case analysis of the attached case study (in a Human Resource Management context) – Maersk Group – Evaluating strategic talent management initiatives:

The word count is 1500 words and at least 8 academic sources must be used (APA referencing)

(The reference list and appendix must be included and is not a part of the word count)

The structure of the report is as follows:

1) Weighted at 20% mark of the assignment – Identify the key facts of the case. Be sure to include an evaluation of Maersk’s International HR Management with specific attention on their talent management practices 

2) Weighted at 10% – Identify a problem statement Maersk should address

3) Weighted at 50% (the most important section of the analysis) – Identify, evaluate, and explain specific recommendations for Maersk to address the problem you identified

4) Weighted at 20% – Identify and address the key challenges Maersk will face in implementation of your recommendations

The structure of the report must be argued in a Human Resource Management context. More details of what is required and what theory must be included will be provided via chat.

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