Lessons Learned

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-Lessons Learned Directions and Scoring Tool will be uploaded below must be followed.

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-All the lessons learned summaries will be uploaded below.

-I will upload very very important YouTube Video you have to watch a link to a review of the assignment. https://youtu.be/enb-44phyj4

– This paper is meant to help you pull together everything you learned this semester and make meaning of it for yourself and your future.It is less technical than other papers, but should demonstrate the depth of your learning this semester. Page guidelines are in parentheses and are based on 12 point font double spacing. This assignment will include three documents.The first is your paper with a title page. This paper should have references and in-text citations.It will most likely have far fewer citations than any other paper you have written thus far.The second is appendices or important documents. This is also likely to be smaller than other papers. The third is a reference list.

Required Sections for this paper


What I learned about planning, implementing, organizing and evaluating health education program? (2-4 pages)

What I learned working in a group/team? (2-4 pages)

What I learned about health education in general? (2-4 pages)

What did I learn about being a professional? (2-4 pages)

What I learned about myself? (2-4 pages)


When writing this paper.. Questions that need to be answered..

  • What did you learn? (see below for examples)
    • Not what you did—what you learned
    • Do NOT summarize lessons– relate them to what you learned.
    • Do not make it vague—specify to show it is this class.Give examples of what you did
    • Apply it in other ways.

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