Leadership, Power, and Conflict part 2

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PowerPoint presentation: 8–10 slides (minimum 250 words per slide of speaker notes)  

Your meetings with managers on conflict resolution are going well. You and Jared meet after he gets back from his business trip to finish your discussion about leadership styles.

“How was your trip to New York?” you ask.

“Good,” he says. “I got done what I needed to do for work and had time to catch a show, too. So tell me, did you have a chance to talk with staff yet?”

“I did,” you say. “Do you want a report, or should I just give you some examples from conversations?”

“Tell me,” he says.

“Okay,” you say. “One of the production employees says she has ideas for streamlining production, but feels she hits a brick wall when she tries to talk to her boss. One of the sales reps feels that his goals could be more challenging.”

“That’s interesting,” he says. “Maybe we should talk to the vice presidents and managers about leadership styles. You did a good job with the other PowerPoint presentations; let’s do that again. Prepare 8–10 slides with a minimum of 250 words per slide of speaker notes. Schedule the meetings, and include me in the meeting invite again, too. Okay?”

“I was hoping you’d say that,” you say. “I’ll have a presentation that compares and contrasts a minimum of 4 leadership styles ready for meetings next week. Thanks.”

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