Instructions 1. See Assignment Guidelines for specifications. Also see the rubric for it (open this assignment and click Rubric).

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1. See Assignment Guidelines for specifications. Also see the rubric for it (open this assignment and click Rubric).

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2. Upload your paper (click on this heading and upload the file). It can be a Word file or a PDF

Short papers


Short papers demonstrate that you know fact from fiction. By comparing events described in historical sources to a movie, you demonstrate you can locate primary and secondary source documents, examine evidence, form an opinion and share facts.


I chose the movie The Crucible (check with the CSS library or your local library, or you may need Netflix or Amazon to view)

Examine primary source documents on the topic before watching the movie to understand the breadth and depth of documentation available.

Watch the movie. Note the events and associated timestamp of events in the movie where the event is accurate or when it is fictionalized.

Write a paper (4-5 pages) that compares and contrasts the events in a movie to the actual events.

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