How strong are competitive forces confronting Lululemon in market for the performance-based yoga and fitness apparel?

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Case Assignments – Instruction

Follow these guidelines for case assignments for module 1

This case assignment provides an opportunity to improve your
analytical skills. Before you begin, make sure you’ve studied the
materials in the assigned chapters thoroughly because you need to apply
those concepts to your case analysis. Your assignment should include the

  • a. Title page
  • b. A table of content
  • c. Footnotes-you must link your analysis to the materials/concepts in the book. Footnotes must include page numbers.
  • d. The main body of the assignment should be 3 to 5 pages in length
    double-spaced. Use headings, sub-headings, bullets, etc. liberally for
    cleaner organization.

This is an open book assignment. Be sure that your analysis reflects
the application of your knowledge of the assigned readings and any
additional sources that you find necessary.


Read case # 3 (in your textbook) “Lululemon Athletica Inc.” and Perform the following analysis:

  1. How strong are competitive forces confronting Lululemon in market
    for the performance-based yoga and fitness apparel? Perform the five
    forces analysis to support your answers.
  2. What does your strategic group map of the performance sports apparel
    industry look like? Is Lululemon well positioned? Why or Why not?
  3. What are the Key Success Factors in this industry?

Chapter 3 of your text provides a detailed discussion of topics/tools
that you would need to know in order to complete this assignment.

Save your work in Word (.doc). 


        Discussion Topic, Module 1

  • Are American CEOs overpaid?

Your comments must be substantive. Refrain from short postings such
as “I agree’, “it is a good idea”, etc. You must clearly explain your
position. (around 250 words, save as Word (.doc) )

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