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Read: Takin’: pages 109-119, 126-129, 131-136; read the following documents:
• Malcolm X, The Ballot or the Bullet
• The Watts Riots: The McCone Commission Reports on Watts, Violence in the City–An End or a Beginning? and Paul Bullock, Watts: The Aftermath
• Larry Neal, Black Art and Black Liberation
• The Black Panther Platform: “What We Want, What We Believe”
• Deborah Johnson and Flint Taylor, Police and the Panthers
Write: Assignment must be typed, double-spaced, with your name at the top
Write a paragraph that summarizes the experience of Henry and the narrator in the italicized passage on pages 116-117 in Takin’ It to the Streets. Use NO QUOTATIONS. Write your paragraph entirely in your own words. Write a paragraph of at least four sentences. Use a topic sentence if one seems appropriate. But, otherwise, this one time, you can write a paragraph that has no topic sentence.


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