Harvard School of Business Facebook Dilemma Video Discussion

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  2. Watch the two parts of the Facebook Dilemma video, Take notes on what are the main points/issues being presented in the video and what are the your key “takeaways” from these three videos. Do some additional quick online research as needed.
  3. Next assemble a summary report of the key points under appropriate  subheadings of your choice in the form of a two page single spaced paper. First 1.5 pages will have the summary points and the last 1/2 page will have recommendations from you to (a) Regulators/lawmakers (b) Social Media company CEOs (c) Social Media users to mitigate/address the problems presented.
  4. The first 1.5 pages of the paper should contain your summary (take-aways) from the three videos.
  5. The last half page should be your recommendations to (a) Regulators/Legislators (b) Social Media Companies (c) Users of social media to mitigate/reduce/avoid the social problems presented in the videos.
  6. Please place any references/links from your research on the topic presented at the end of your paper.

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