Explain the title of exhibit, “Progenitors of Spiral.”, english assignment help

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Write a 4-5 paragraph, artistic review essay in which 10 works created by 3 artists from the exhibit you visited are discussed. In this essay, be sure to include the following:

  • Background information about each artist.
  • Title, name of artist, and brief description of each work selected.
  • Explain the title of exhibit, “Progenitors of Spiral.”
  • Explain why you selected the work of certain artists.
  • Explain your thoughts as you observed each work during the tour.
  • Of all the works you observed during the tour, which ones resonated within your spirit? Why?
  • Explain the historical significance of these works to America’s social changes.
  • What events were occurring in America when these artists were engaged in creating their works?
  • Discuss the initial reason for the artists’ purposes for creating these works.
  • Explain why you would/would not visit an art exhibition again.
  • If given the opportunity, what would you include in an art exhibit?

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