ENG-3385 Found of Second Language Acquisition. (Behaviorism can Help Students to Learn Second Language Better)

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Research paper:

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You are expected to write a 10-15-page research paper on a topic of your own choice.Your paper can address any of the topics covered or not covered in class. You can present L2 data from any language.

My topic: Behaviorism can Help Students to Learn Second Language Better

I will give you my research paper proposal, but my some of references is not academic, so you should find some new academic sources.


At minimum, your paper must

•Present an interesting SLA problem or topic

•State the research question that you are analyzing

•State your research hypothesis

•Present the key SLA data that clearly explain and illustrate your topic

•Explain the main SLA approaches/frameworks to understanding your research question and topic

•Provide your own analysis of the SLA approaches and draw your own conclusion about the validity of these approaches

•Offer your own insight as a language teacher about the effectiveness of the solutions offered to your SLA research topic

•Offer a conclusion which summarizes your analysis and puts your topic in a larger context of the SLA as a field of inquiry. You should discuss practical applications of your topic in SLA teaching.

•Be 10-15 pages in length excluding references

•Cite at least 10 scholarly articles or books from the databases on your topic

•Include a Reference page documented in the MLA style


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