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Please answer the following review questions by viewing the Mexican Government sites and this week’s ProPublica reading:

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(Often times it is difficult to locate the official Mexican site, or to make it work properly. Finding the site is part of the assignment. Yes, even with Google, it’s that hard. Mexico’s Internet suffix is .MX -Good Luck.)

1) What language is used in Mexico?

2) When you click on the “English” button, what happens?

3) Is there any other way you can think of to get official information about Mexico and its border controls? Look in External Links.

4) Briefly explain what items can be brought into Mexico duty free?

5) What can you find about Americans bringing guns into Mexico for hunting trips?

6) What are the penalties for illegally entering Mexico? (They loosened these up in 2011, so get the latest)

7) How can one emigrate to Mexico?

8) How many Mexican agencies control customs and immigration?

9) What documents does a U.S. Citizen need to enter Mexico?

10) What Websites, other than official ones, provide the most accurate information about visiting Mexico? (Users of Yahoo Answers and Wikipedia are in Mexican jails right now.)

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