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Nursing philosophy is the core of nursing practice. It is a perspective that I feel can differ from nurse to nurse based off of their views and experiences.   According to Poliforni, “a philosophy will deem some ideas correct, others inconsistent, and some simply wrong” (pg 3). Philosophies are ever changing and can be proven right or wrong. The important thing is to be able to adapt and change views when it means putting patient’s first. Whether a registered nurse, or an advanced practice nurse, consistency of actions is key for  patients.

I believe a key value to nursing philosophies is empathy. Without empathy, it is very difficult to be able to be a patient advocate. Having the ability to put oneself in a patients shoes, and really understand what they are going through, is a philosophy I would like to strive for as an advanced practice nurse. “One of the basic building blocks of ethics and ethical conduct towards others is empathy” (Dinikins 2011).

In conclusion, nursing is a profession where something new is learned everyday. Not one day is the same as another. Being able to adapt a philosophy and include empathy for my patients is something I intend on practicing as an advanced practice nurse.

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