Claim: “How to Increase Height by 2-4 Inches in 45 Days

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assignment one page or more.

Multi-Part Assignment

PART I. The central goal of this assignment is to equip you with the skills to evaluate the plausibility of scientific claims made by commercial enterprises to influence consumerism and alter behavior. For this particular assignment, you are tasked with identifying a product (e.g., natural remedy, weight loss supplement, strength builder, natural pain analgesic, natural aphrodisiacs, etc) for which you will seek to evaluate whether or not the claims by the manufacturer made are true. Part I of the assignment is worth 25 points.

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The claim made by the makers of the product must be clearly stated.

In order to illustrate the type of claim submi

ssions that are eligible for this assignment,

I have listed several articles that foc

us on provocative claims that have been

accepted by mainstream media as viable soluti

ons for the condition it is purported to


•Black Seed Extract Cures& HIV Patients Naturally.

•Can Flatulence (Farts) Cure Cancer?

•SlimFreezer Lose Weight Fast


•Acupuncture Natural Treatment for Type II & Diabetes

•Chocolate Intake during Pregnancy Reduce the Risk of Preeclampsia.

•Ketogenic Diet Cure Cancer.

•Fecal Microbiota Transplant & to Treat Clostridium Difficile


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