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Your course essays will be due one week before the final class of the Fall semester. The essays should be approximately 1,000 words in length and on a topic of your choosing which is relevant to International Finance. The essay should be a written in a persuasive manner with a recommendation or proposition you believe in as the conclusion of the essay.

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Some possible topics follow:

1. The Successor to the US as the Primary Global Economic Super Power is ___________________________.

2. Bitcoin: The Emergence of an Important Transnational Currency or Fraudulent Bubble?

3. Financial Viability (Without Subsidies or Coercion) Is Essential to Truly Sustainable Economic and Business Activities.

4. The Blockchain Will Impact the Mechanics of Import and Export Financing More Than Bitcoin Will Impact Currency Markets

5. The EU Is Inherently Unstable Financially and Politically

6. A resurgence of nationalism in Europe is a likely disruptive force in global financial markets of the next several decades.

Feel free to create your own topic, but check with me to make sure it is narrow enough to be addressed in 1,000 words.

Your final submission should be hard copy, with bibliography and end notes to credit your sources.

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