Apply ethics” 11th edition book answer all four questions with one written page

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# 1 do you agree with Rachels that the cessation of treatment is tantamount to the intentional termination of life?

#2 who should decide who should “pull the plug” in cases like this one, the parent, the attending physican, ahospital committee, or the courts?

#3 in their statements the bishops claimed that a physican’s duty is to heal and comfort, not kill” When healing is possible, what kind of comfort does the patient deserve? Does it include prescribing lethal drugs when asked?

#4 Have you made statement to friends that might be usedas evidence if you were to be in Schiavo’s condition?  Have yo prepared a living wil to make your preferences clear?

the book is “APPLYING ETHICS” 11th edition answer all (4) four questions one written page in length for each question

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