Answer following three quesitons

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This assignment involves the financial statements and SEC filings for the San Diego company Kratos (same Company you looked at for Homework #3).

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From the company’s web site or – the filings section, find the Form 10-K for the year ended 12/31/18 that was filed with the SEC on February 28, 2019, the annual filing for the company.

Three questions:

  1. From the 10-K text on “Company Business” on page 3 and “Risk Factors”beginning on page 13, please list some of the items you think would fit into each of the categories on class slide for Chapter 6 titled “Understanding the Client’s Business, Industry, Regulatory, and Other Factors” were you beginning to plan the audit of Kratos this year.
  2. Find and list three or four of the key business events which occurred in the fiscal year 2018, as management describes them.
  3. Please list 3 of the company’s risk factors which you think might have an impact on the upcoming audit of Kratos.Please explain why you think they are risks affecting the audit.

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