Answer all correctly 1) Half-life 2) adverse reactions vs side effects (know your definitions) 3) Superinfection 4) Foley Catheter care 5) Identify nephrotoxic antibiotics 6)

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Answer all correctly

1)     Half-life

2)     adverse reactions vs side effects (know your definitions)

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3)     Superinfection

4)     Foley Catheter care

5)     Identify nephrotoxic antibiotics

6)     Identify ototoxic antibiotics

7)     Identify hepatotoxic antibiotics

8)     Identify antibiotics that cause photosensitivity

9)     Common alternative antibiotics for patient with hypersensitivity to penicillin

10)  Identify antibiotics that may alter the color of urine while taking

11)  Which TB med is prescribed for the family when a member is Dx with TB

12)  What occurs when Peak or trough levels are too high or low

13)  Which precautions used for TB patients in the hospital (review airborne, contact, etc…)

14)  Should a patient with VRE have a private room in the hospital?

15)  Air borne precautions protocols (ex. Can a door or window be left open in their rooms, etc..)

16)  Why are some medications given on an empty stomach?

17)  Possible effects of PCN’s taken with anticoagulants (ex. Warfarin)

18)  When should first antibiotics be administered when cultures are ordered?

19)   candida albicans oral infection (pharm management, clinical manifestations)

20)  signs and symptoms of anaphylactic reaction

21)  what does it mean to be “colonized” with a bacteria

22)  Which antibiotics can cause staining of the teeth, how old should a patient be before we prescribe these types of antibiotics?

23)  When should Neuraminidase inhibitors be given? (relating to onset of symptoms)

24)  Factors that contribute to bacterial resistance to antibiotics

25)  How do you administer an IV antibiotic to reduce the occurrence of red man syndrome?

26)  Pharmacological management of  vaginal candidiasis

27)  The sequence of precautions for droplet isolation (ex. we do what, in which order)

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