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please open the file and follow it

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  • Browse different reliable sources and select 4 different political cartoons that catch your attention.
  • The cartoons must be political in nature and current (maximum 3 years old).
  • Each cartoon must be related to different political topics and characters. The cartoons cannot portray the same political figure(s), even if they are about different topics.
  • Each answer must be between 3 to 5 college-level COMPLETE sentences (Arial font, size 12, double-spaced). Separate and number each question and write the answer. No essay format is needed. Do not put everything in one paragraph!
  • Copy and paste the image of the cartoon before you answer the questions so I can see it while I’m grading.
  • The analysis of the 4 cartoons must be put together in ONE paper (one attachment submission only, not 4 separate ones).
  • You must use Microsoft Word.
  • You must include your sources.

Suggestion: The more elaborated the cartoon is, the easier it will be to complete this assignment. Read the questions below before you start your search.

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