African-American Discussion

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PART A e-activity

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From the e-Activity, analyze the effectiveness of the NAACP and the club movement in furthering the goal of equality for African-Americans. Provide specific examples of the tools that these two (2) groups used in order to confront segregation in U.S. society. Take a look at this youtube about the Tulsa Race Riot and then read the linked document. Evaluate whether or not respectability politics forged unity or dissention among activists back then or even today.

PLEASE RESPOND TO CLASSMATE DISCUSSION WHETHER YOU AGREE OR NOT & A DETAILED WHY: There were sever ways that the NAACP and the club movement fought against segregation and social injustice matters against African-Americans. One of the main ways was taking bringing awareness to the issues. The NAACP used the court systems to fight segregation like the “separate but equal” principle from the Plessy v. Ferguson case. I am stating that it was nothing equal about the schools provided for African-Americans. The club movement like NACW (National Association of Colored Women) fought segregation with education. They made sure that the women and children had the education and were aware of the social injustice of segregation.

People have their perception of respectability politics. Honestly, I have heard of the concept but never knew the correct term of the subject. I would think that it depends on the group of people that you are talking to about the subject. When you have a group like Black Lives Matters, that would think that respectability politics is a waste of time. A name or the way a person dresses will never save them from racism. The name or the way you dress is not the reason racisms exist, but the color of their skin. I think that it brought some unity to a lot of the activist groups.

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