Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on debate over immigration in america.

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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on debate over immigration in america. The current debate over immigration in America began under President Bush’s regime but the adopted system failed. President Obama promised to address the issue during his first tenure in office but his efforts equally failed. In his second term, President Obama has prioritized immigration, and Republicans’ willingness to support immigration reforms has boosted the efforts. To address the issue, a group of eight senators comprising of four Democrats and four Republicans have drafted a motion that will seek to initiate immigration reforms in the US. To discuss the debate, relating it with areas covered in this course is critical (Bullock & Rozell, 2012).

State invention on immigration has gradually increased since the 2012 elections. Before this period, states and local governments had taken responsibilities for immigration due to a lack of enforcement from the federal government. Immigration federalism has, however, been identified as a key approach to providing new dimensions for inventive policies to be created and adopted, with federal actions on immigration mainly involving four areas. The first area has seen various states and local authorities enter into agreements with the federal government that increase the authority of these states on immigration issues. Under these agreements, states have been mandated with arresting and detaining individuals who violate immigration laws as well as collecting evidence for such cases (Geer, Schiller, & Segal, 2014).

Additionally, the federal government has sent its authority to various states to assess the extent to which immigrants may be eligible for federal benefits programs. Local and state agents further aid the federal government in apprehending illegal&nbsp.immigrants and handing them to federal immigration officials. Lastly, the federal government has enacted laws that affect non-citizens. These include policies regulating in-state tuition to immigrants and stopping employers from hiring workers without necessary documents.&nbsp.The integration of different government levels therefore shows initiatives, under federalism, to efforts on the debate (Geer, Schiller, & Segal, 2014).

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