Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on aspects of the current american surge strategy for iraq.

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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on aspects of the current american surge strategy for iraq. The “surge” strategy refers to the efforts of the Bush administration to craft a new strategy for Iraq involving the deployment of combat troops to protect American security interests by building a stable, democratic Iraq.

The strategy is premised on the basis that a strategist must know the end that he is trying to achieve. It is only by understanding and analyzing the desired end result in the context of the internal and external environments that appropriate objectives can be formulated3. According to the President’s speech, the desired end result of the strategy in Iraq was to create space for political progress4 by establishing a functioning democracy in Iraq that would be able to police itself, uphold the rule of law, respect basic human rights and answer to the people. This end objective was therefore above and beyond bringing a transition to Iraqi control and included bringing security to the Iraqi population5. One of the objectives was to provide support for the newly established Government in Iraq and prevent an onset of mass killings which would have necessitated a longer stay in Iraq for American troops. The objective of the surge was, therefore, to transform Iraq into a place that no longer harbored terrorists who pose a threat to American interests and security (President’s address).

In assessing the means available for achieving these end objectives through the deployment of American troops in Iraq, Keane and Kagan’s recommendation was at least 30,000 troops for a period of 18 months6 thereby justifying the deployment of 100,000 troops by President Bush in 2003. Earlier missions by American and Iraqi troops to clear Baghdad had been successful only for a short duration because the number of troops was inadequate to retain control and ensure that rebels didn’t trickle back in. As a result, Keane and Kegan recommended a larger number of troops. Since the&nbsp.objective was to secure the Iraqi population rather than achieve a mere transition of control to the Iraqi forces, the surge period they recommended was 18 months.&nbsp.

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