You work for a popular consumer electronics company that sells products such as

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You work for a popular consumer electronics company that sells products such as cell phones, tablets, and personal computers. The vice president of operations has talked to you about setting up a warehousing and distribution process that can support business expansions globally. He has asked you to develop a recommendation that will help build a business plan. You need to focus on the areas of transportation regulations and policies, transportation methodologies, warehousing, distribution, and inventory management.

The company is looking to start its global expansion in the European Union and China. You will focus your analysis and recommendations for this report on importing goods into those areas from the United States and fulfilling customer orders from in-region warehousing or distribution centers. Your outline should include the following:

  • Part I: Transportation Regulations and Policies 
    • Define the goal 
    • Explain the relevance 
    • National security 
    • Public safety 
    • Environment 
    • Unrestrained competition 
  • Part II: Transportation Methodologies 
    • Economic viability 
    • Practical use 
    • Applications in domestic and global markets 
  • Part III: Warehousing and Distribution 
    • Principles 
    • Design 
    • Storage and handling 
    • Information systems and information technology 
    • Third-party logistics providers (3PL)
  • Part IV: Inventory Management 
    • Inventory functions for intermediate and final products 
    • Packaging techniques 
  • Part V: Future Opportunities 
    • Write a final summary about the future opportunities of your company and your recommendations. 
      • How can it measure its success in the future? 
      • How will it help in gaining new customers? 
      • What are the next steps?

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