writing 1 paragraph for each one and there’s 3 of them

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There are many different software tools available to digital forensic investigators, law enforcement personnel, and security and network administrators. These tools are used to create, examine, analyze, and classify digital evidence. For this class, Introduction to Computer Forensics, we will utilize tools developed by AccessData Group such FTK Imager, and Registry Viewer, as well as other tools such as OSForensics, and Hex Viewer.

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What other analysis tools are available for organizations to use? Who are the developers of those tools (organization/individual/open source)? What is the use of each tool you are reporting?

Search the Internet to find three different software tools used in digital forensics. Answer the above questions with a minimum of 1 full paragraph for each tool (more are certainly acceptable). Set your paragraphs to 1.5 spacing, 0 points before and after. Use Arial or Times New Roman font, size 12 point. You only need to include your name at the top of the document, the rest is content. Please cite your sources as well simply by copying and pasting the URL on a separate page.


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