Write Summary Article Here is templete and article link

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Write Summary Article

Here is templete and article link


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Topic: Maintenance Human Factors in Aviation: The Dirty Dozen

Write Summary Article Here is templete and article link
Summary Article Note-Taking Template Your Name: Class Section: Summary Article Number: Your Research Paper Topic (or Title): What kind of source is this (underline or highlight)? Journal Article (Literature Review Paper or Empirical Study) Report (including Concepts of Operation, government report, etc.) Book Website (Provide Name and URL) Conference Proceedings Newspaper / Magazine Article Other (Cite what that source is) Provide the Following Information Article Title Author(s) Name Source (Journal, magazine, etc.) Year of Publication Institution (Author’s – if known) What is the primary research question(s) that the source is addressing? What is the motivation for this writing? (Scientific, technology advancement, environmental, safety, training, etc.) What are primary sources that the author(s) use and the main points that are being utilized from these sources? (Many researchers focus on using a few sources – list those sources may be useful to you) What is the Methodology used by the author(s)? (Answer this only if this is an empirical study) Who are the participants (number and other important information about the participant population)? Summarize the description of the procedures. Summarize the data was collected and how? (Include tools used – surveys, simulator data, etc.) What was their method for analysis? (Include analytical tools, subject matter expert review, etc.) If this is a literature review paper, describe the approach the author(s) used to gather information (What was their strategy for compiling information?). How did they organize the data (Limited their sampling of sources, thematic approach, chronological approach, etc.)? Summarize the Results and/or conclusions (Summarize the actual results – use actual data that the author(s) included their article) (This question applies to both a Research Proposal and a Literature Review Paper) If your source is other than a journal article with empirical experimentation or Literature Review Paper, highlight the important points of the document (e.g., method of compiling the data, sources of the data, results or conclusions reached, other parameters you think are important) What is your opinion on the study and the results and/or conclusions that were found? (This question applies to any publication you are summarizing) Summarize the points that stood out to you. How does this article help you with your topic / research question? Summarize any limitations and/or bias that the author or you have identified. Provide the APA Reference for this article below. (Overwrite Example Below) Vascik, P. D., Hansman, R. J., & Dunn, N. S. (2018). Analysis of Urban Air Mobility Operational Constraints. Journal of Air Transportation, 26(4), 133–146. https://doi.org/10.2514/1.d0120 3 – AVIA 491 Capstone Advanced Research Concepts v3


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