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The special population I chose to observe was pregnant women and women who are dealing with postpartum period. I observed the task the woman perform during the exercise and the impact it has on gestation during their hour of working, during sunbathing,  and in the Yoga training section where the participants aimed at improving their cardiorespiratory fitness, reduce the risk of gaining excess weight and increase longevity during the pregnancy tri-semester period. (Artal, 2013)  Although there are difficult exercise that pregnant woman can not engage in such as bicycling, cross-country skiing, rowing, and jogging that they can do exercise that is safe during their pregnancy.The main aim of the prescribed exercise is to enhance anatomic and psychological changes to ensure that the fetal requirements are met compared to the prescribes exercise which is tailor made to ensure the clients need are met by the prescribed exercise. The engagement of the expectant women in exercising ensure that they are able to improve and maintain physical fitness to eliminate the risk of obesity in pregnancy, reduce the risk of gestational diabetes brought about by weight gain and enhance the psychological health of the individuals.

Although a regular exercise program will improve the heart and make the lungs healthy, improve flexibility, improve the bone and muscle strength, improve your balance, decrease injury and falls, help prevent disease, and increase life expectancy (ACSM, 204). Inactivity will not only lead to poor health it can also cause problems such as being unable to complete and achieve activities in our daily living Nevertheless, chronic disease can also make the exercise  difficult for them to socialize with other, and this can lead to depression, anxiety, loneliness, and other stress relate emotions (McAuley, 1995, pg. 68).When you participate in an exercise program like the one I have observed it  is not only a place where they can improve their physical health but their psychological health as well. A regular exercise program gives the client a chance to be social. The combination of exercise and the socialization it promotes will have positive effects the patient’s psychological health.  When you are in a regular exercise program, It will improve your mood, mental capacity, and help to prevent dementia and Alzheimer. When using a regular exercise program, it can improve the quality of life both physically and psychologically (McAuley, 1995).

I would  love to work with  the pregnant women and to help educate them on the importance of physical exercise and the positive effects of their well-being and the importance of the mental-fetal health. The pregnant women welcome the help from their trained professional staff; they are dedicated to helping with an exercise  program. The patients appear to be very happy interacting with myself and the staff and  other patients  Although due to the confidentiality and the security of the patient’s information I had to observe all the patient not just single out one . For safety, I was required to do orientation class and sign a paper before I could observe per the requirement of the faculty.

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