Write a 6 pages paper on why are big projects often complete late and out of budget: of the opera house.

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Write a 6 pages paper on why are big projects often complete late and out of budget: of the opera house. An extraordinarily ambitious design of&nbsp.The Opera House by Jorn Utzon was initially rejected by an assessment committee, however, respected Finnish architect Eero Saarinon convinced them to change their minds and Utzon was awarded the prize. Before The Opera House, Utzon had won 7 of eight competitions he had entered but not one of his designs was ever built.

It was estimated that construction would take 5 years and would cost A$7 million. The “Opera House Lottery” was born in 1958 as an extra source of funding before construction had begun. The original completion date was set down for 26th January 1963 (Australia Day) and it didn’t reach completion until 1973, 10 years late and the costs had blown out to A$103 million, 14 times over budget. Because of the complexities of his design, Utzon was aware that technical problems would arise and as advanced technology that was not yet available would be needed to address these problems. He pleaded that he had not yet fully completed the design for the structure and asked for more time to tackle these problems, however, his request was denied with the government fearing that funding and public opinion would turn against them and construction began in 1959, two years ahead of Utzon’s schedule.

The lack of preparation had immediate consequences and many structural issues remained unsolved. With unexpected difficulties such as bad weather and the inability to have a suitable avenue for rainwater to be diverted along with the fact that appropriate construction drawings had not been drafted, work was already running 47 weeks behind schedule. The roof of the Opera House was to be formed with a series of precast concrete shells and covered with Swedish made white glazed tiles.&nbsp.It was discovered, after the monumental Grand Podium, with it’s massive 86 meter (282ft) wide staircase was completed.

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