Write a 5 pages paper on the elements of culture and how they define a group of people.

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Write a 5 pages paper on the elements of culture and how they define a group of people. Culture also varies with time where communities adapt some elements and drop others. Below I shall discuss the elements of culture and how they define a group of people.

This is one of the most important elements of culture as it facilitates communication among community members. It reflects all other aspects of culture, and it allows the formation of culture among human beings (Andersen & Taylor 59). For a person to fit in a particular group, there has to be communication, and this can only be possible if one understands the language that those people are using. That is why immigrants into the United States who come from non-English speaking countries find it difficult to cope until they learn to communicate in English.

Even in the professions, there are different languages used by various occupations. For example, the lawyers have their language, and the medics have their language. There is also the terminology that socialists use, and for you to understand it, you have to learn it.

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Just like the times evolve, language changes with time. As technology evolves by the day, language evolves, and you may find people using technology-related terminology such as IM while communicating. Language can be diffused, just like other elements of culture, and this is necessary for communication. The blended language can aid communication between people speaking different languages.

Language identifies an individual with a particular group and creates a sense of togetherness for persons speaking the same language. On the other hand, language can also divide people where people speak different languages in one area. The conflict would arise where one language is given preference to the other.

In every culture, some symbols represent important aspects of that culture. When people share culture, they attach specific meanings to different gestures, images, sounds, or objects. By its very nature, culture is symbolic, and one can, therefore, interpret the culture of a group of people by looking at their symbols.


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