Write a 5 pages paper on are reasons and emotion equally necessary in justifying moral decisions.

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Write a 5 pages paper on are reasons and emotion equally necessary in justifying moral decisions. The reason is an important way of learning according to TOK. Reason refers to the faculty of the human mind that creates and operates with abstract concepts (Wikipedia). The reasoning is the technique used by most philosophers to arrive at the truth. In the story The Foolish Friend1 the king groomed a monkey to be his most trustworthy and natural companion. One day when the king asked the monkey to take ensure nothing disturbed while he slept, the monkey kept strict vigilance. After some time the monkey found a bee hovering over his master and disturbing him. The monkey could not allow this common creature to bite the king before his eyes. Blinded by anger, the monkey drew his sword and struck down the bee with a single blow. Unfortunately, the same blow also split the king’s head. No explanation given by the monkey made any effect on anyone. He was shunned by everyone. This experience made them learn from reasoning that “It is better to have a clever enemy than a foolish friend.” Thus reasons help to analyze the situation deeply and to take decisions accordingly. The reason is not automatic. Those who deny it cannot be conquered by it. Do not count on them. Leave them alone” said Ayn Rand2.

Emotion comes from a person’s heart like the relation between a mother and her child. She does not look for a reason to love him or her. In some societies, emotion has a stronger effect than reasons. For example, in uneducated societies such as villages and small-town people do not prefer to make analysis looking for reasons, instead, they prefer to take to first decisions come to their minds or according to their cultures without further thinking. In countries like Syria, people react according to what their culture says. On the other hand, people who are educated and live in urban areas try to find reasons for their decisions and relations. The emotions aren’t always immediately subject to reason, but they are always immediately subject to action” said William James. For instance, the Turkish people kiss the hand of their elders (men and women) and let the hand touch their foreheads. Such a gesture may seem strange to those in the developed nations but such actions have no reasoning. The Japanese greet each other with a bow which is strange for the Turkish people. Here emotions rule the traditions and reasoning has no place.


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