Write 2 pages thesis on the topic tourism in gig harbor. Tourism in Gig Harbor Affiliation: Tourism in Gig Harbor The purpose for the Gig Harbour request for proposal (RFP) is to increase tourism. The

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Write 2 pages thesis on the topic tourism in gig harbor.

Tourism in Gig Harbor Affiliation: Tourism in Gig Harbor The purpose for the Gig Harbour request for proposal (RFP) is to increase tourism. The RFP seeks to obtain proposals from groups and agencies to engage in promotion of tourism at the Gig Harbor. As such, activities which will be considered are those that increase tourism. Thus, promotional activities such as advertising, publicizing and information distribution with the aim of attracting and welcoming guests will be undertaken. Also, strategies to expand tourism, construction of additional tourist attractions, fund, market events and festivals to increase tourism will be sponsored.

These events aim at increasing economic activities at the Gig Harbor through overnight lodges, meals provision, sale of souvenirs and gifts and building tourist sites and facilities. I chose this RFP because Gig Harbor has maintained its tourist sites and developed strategies that successfully increased and maintained growth of tourism in Washington State. For example, it offers various activities that suit a diversity of people such as children, families and groups (Garrett, 2010).The strategies that I will use to build trust with my clients will include knowing the client’s expectations.

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Asking the client about their expectations will enable me to satisfy them and hence, retain the client for current and future business. Fulfilling promises is another strategy that determines one’s ability to gain and retain trust with clients. Develop credibility by maintaining professionalism and deliver on all the made promises (Garrett, 2010). Open communication is a key strategy in developing trust. Discuss all the details with the client and disclose all terms of the contract. Disclose good and bad communication and allow an open discussion with the client.

Offering the best solution is a great strategy to gain trust. Listening to clients’ needs and offering them a working solution shows that you care for their needs. Energizing the clients by asking good questions and then listening as they give answers is a strategy that builds trust (Claycomb & Martin, 2002). Active listening shows the clients that you care about them. Look at things from the client’s perspective is another strategy that will enhance trust as it shows your empathy and willingness to help clients’ obtain the best solutions for their needsI will use several tactics to manage client expectations.

First, communicating regularly and addressing client’s needs directly. Regular communication will build a strong relationship that will overcome all the setbacks and form a foundation for lasting client relationship. Agreeing on the strategies, goals and timelines together with the client is a tactic that will ensure that client understands measurements of success (Garrett, 2010). Additionally, creating a document with the scope of work, programs and timelines will eliminate any confusion over expectations.

Becoming a good listener is another tactic to manage client expectations. Many clients aren’t sure of what they want to accomplish and good listening helps them clear their needs and set objective expectations.The Chicago Parking Meter Fiasco is a great example of poor procurement. The city administration decided to lease the city’s parking meters for almost $1.16 billion contract to consortium investors led by Morgan Stanley. Three months later, they realized that potential revenue could be more than four times what they got from the deal.

By that time, the city had given Morgan’s firm the authority to increase rates and extend hours The city retained a say over meter placement and pricing but further changes such as reducing the number of meters and hours of service would be too costly for the tax payers in terms of heavy penalties, levied by Morgan’s management. The value of the meter system shot up and prices increased. The citizens were angry with the overcharges, some started parking on the roadsides while others vandalized the meter system (Claycomb & Martin, 2002).

ReferencesClaycomb, C., & Martin, C. L. (2002). Building customer relationships: an inventory of service providers objectives and practices. Journal of Services Marketing, 16(7), 615-635.Garrett, G. A. (2010). World class contracting (5th ed.). Riverwoods, IL: CCH Inc.&nbsp.


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