Workplace Argument

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Part I: Read the sample Workplace Argument Essay (Hospital Natural Disaster Preparation) posted in this week’s unit, and then answer the following questions.

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  1. Did the writer ‘prove the problem or opportunity’ adequately?
  2. In your opinion, what was the strongest piece of research used in the ‘proving the problem’ section?
  3. Do you feel one of the solutions was discussed in more depth or were both solutions discussed with equal emphasis?
  4. Did the writer discuss at least two counterarguments (one counterargument for each solution)? Remember, there is no perfect solution. No matter the solution, there will always be potential problems or objections. It is your job as the writer to anticipate, explain, and refute such counterarguments. You should have at least two counterarguments in your final essay.
  5. If the writer needed a piece of constructive criticism, what advice would you give to strengthen the essay.

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